Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chickens UP!

Originally uploaded by Whitley.
So the pix from this weekend are up (that we took). They are a hodge podge from the weekend.

So...read the post below from today...and go and check out the pictures by clicking here.


Nika said...

Fierce shot (profile)....question: ever thought about trying out for ANTM (America Next Top Model)?

Hope that you are having a blessed day!


danlanning said...

what a great weekend it was....i just wish they never ended! love you!

Nancy said...

Those pictures were so beuatiful..loved the ones of you and Daniel! Can't wait to see the engagement ones...

Brian Rhodes said...

Those pictures were great! I especially liked the ones of you and Daniel that your mom took. The one where he leaned behind you next to the tree was my favorite. Have a wonderful Christmas girl!

Candice said...

Thanks Nika, Nancy & Brian. It was a fun weekend!

I love you Daniel.

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