Monday, December 11, 2006

Elliott Yamin Update

the best news since kelly pickler's dad got out of prison... click here . (though I have to admit...he was loved just the way he was.)

(thanks to staci for this link)


Deb said...

I can just imagine how Elliott feels. Wish I could afford to do it. I wonder if it would make me be able to sing better? :->

Isn't Kelly a cutie!

Jason said...

So this doesn't have to do with your post, but congrats on the engagement. That's awesome. I also thought you should know that when I click on the link to your old searches the history of China. That's funny.

Nika said...

Elliot could sing! I can't wait to see what his album will look like next year.

Candice said...

jason...haha-yeah. i did a google search too on it...and it gave me the history of china. hahaha. hope you are doing well!

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