Friday, December 08, 2006

Holiday Goodies!

Today I brought in the goodies that I made for my co-workers with my mom last weekend! They were a huge success and so fun! Some of the guys on staff were joking that they were going to wait for someone else to try them before eating them...I then took the candy and ran...I know if they won't eat it, my Daniel would LOVE them! (So I exaggerated a bit..I didn't actually take them from the guys. But you know what I mean)

It was 15 degrees last night in Charlotte...and the wind was blowing like crazy. Earlier yesterday I worked with News Channel 14 to do a story about how the weather affects the homeless in the area. If you think about the cold weather, you often aren't worried...b/c you work inside, you have a warm coat, a warm house, and warm food. Over 4000 people in Charlotte are homeless with NO shelter to go to. That's why it's my job to help people have that warm place to go. Can you imagine?

I think it can be that way with our hearts too. Can you imagine not knowing Christ? If something were to go wrong in our lives, we know that we can turn to the Lord to hear our cry, to meet us at our need, and to do what is in our best interest to glorify Him. We have a 'warm & safe' place to go in times of trouble and distress. But for those who do not believe in the Lord, when things go wrong, they can't be guaranteed the love of an everlasting Savior who has our best interest at heart. During this holiday season and throughout the rest of our lives, lets work on showing people a 'warm place to go for their hearts'. If we lived Jesus, can you imagine the difference?


Nancy said...

You "goodies" look wonderful! Daniel would probably LOVE to have a few of those baggies! HA!I love sharing things from my heart and home at Christmas too! If you get that article you did , share it with all of us! What a wonderful job the Lord has given you...helping the homeless! It is amazing how many there are, and how many you are helping - and sharing Jesus with them too...that's the best gift they can get!

Deb said...

Well put...AMEN!

Reba said...

I LOVE making Christmas goodies! Next year we'll have to spend a day together baking while the guys shop for our Christmas gifts :)

Joe Sholl said...

Hello Candice....I've been reading your blog for the past six months, and have been greatly inspired...thanks. Seems to me you have a thing for bald guys, I know that I should've shaved my head.

danlanning said...

i hope there are some goodies left this weekend.... :)

Candice said...

daniel-there are definitely goodies left for you...I even hid them from make sure that you got that's love..hahahah

joe-great to hear from you! I just watched the 5th season of Smallville on DVD..and my opinion has not changed, you look so much like Lex Luther. I hope you are doing great...and I am glad that the blog has been an inspiration to you.

reba- sounds like a plan to me :) we'll play with Brock too!

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