Friday, January 26, 2007

The Driveway: Proper Back Up Procedures.

When backing out of your driveway, it is important to take caution not to run all in the grass....especially if there has been a recent rain. Why? It ruins your grass. My poor roomie had destroyed my grass on the right side of my driveway. I called Daniel and asked if that could be one of our first projects after we are married...and he had a great idea. "Why don't we put up some stakes on that side of the driveway to prevent further damage." Smart. So this weekend we will put stakes prevent even DEEPER muddy holes. Then we will plant more grass in the spring.

I have asked my roommate on several occasions to please try not to run in the grass.....but still...there's no hope.

The driveway is made for a way in and a way out. It's our choice to stay on that paved way.

I think the same can happen in life. We know that God has provided a path for us. We know that He longs for us to stay on it at all times. Sometimes we swerve off into the 'grass' creating muddied holes and ruining grass--b/c we are not following the path or paying attention. So if we know we are running 'off the driveway', why do we keep doing it? I can't answer that question for anyone but myself--but my guess is that we don't take the time to follow the path OR we just don't care...and don't feel like making sure we do it right, besides....we may have already ruined the 'grass'.

Some stakes to mark the boundaries in our life...might help along the way...and a perfect map would be the Word (AKA: Bible).

Just a thought.

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Brett said...

nice thoughts!

funny story...earlier this fall, one of the first times I was staying @ Jes' parents' house, I drove off of their driveway into their newly planted grass (and yes, it had just rained!!) and ruined a pretty good patch. It was definitely a "Meet the Parents" moment!

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