Thursday, January 25, 2007

Marriage License

marriage licenses
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So today Daniel comes back into town.....yay! This is the last visit before he moves here. I am SO thrilled to have him visiting...I get giddy every time I'm waiting in baggage claim for him to walk down the pick me up and swirl me around. I LOVE IT!

Ironically enough...I have Frou Frou's, Let Go, (listen to a clip here) playing on my laptop while typing this, which I'm sure, is make me a bit more nostalgic about his coming.

This weekend we go to get our marriage license.

That statement deserves to be on it's own...that's how important it is.


danlanning said...

let's get it official! if i knew it was good for a year, we could have gotten it a few months ago! i will see you SO soon! love you!

Liz said...

how exciting...marriage license! and you're getting so close. we still have 128 days, but i'm sure it will fly by! you guys have a great weekend!

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