Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iPhone & Ella Blue

I want one. I don't need one, but it's the best phone out there...5 years ahead of the technology. Check out more about it here.
Ella Blue got a bad report. Ella Blue is my car. Her check engine light came on while Daniel and I were driving to Columbia this past weekend. I took her to the shop to get a diagnostic. Her diagnosis....the EGR is reading something's not right. The guy at the shop said it would be more to fix than replace. She's okay to drive...but she may last a month longer or she may last 4 years. BUT--we just don't know. Please pray she lasts Daniel and I many many many more years.

It's Wednesday. Yay!

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Nancy said...

We'll be praying for Ella Blue, that she will keep chugging along for a while! Those phones are amazing...hope the price comes down soon!

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