Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mackenzie...a year later.

So. Let's all say how glad we are that the 'old' blogger is back up....YAY! Now down to some business. If you haven't, you should read my post from yesterday.

While Daniel was in town, we went down to Columbia. We were able to vist Ben, Reba, Brock, Lisa, Joel AND Kelly (Chavis) Ward and her daughter Mackenzie. We had a great time that weekend eating out, getting marriage advice, making a trip to the flea market (where Daniel had his first taste of boiled peanuts) and more.

While visiting Mackenzie and Kelly....I was able to snap a couple great shots of Mackenzie (without having to crop a single photo...yay!). I need your opinion....let me know which of those pix are your favorite. Check out those pictures here.

Speaking of photos...I'm doing a little side photography called, "The Beautiful Mess." So be keeping your eyes open for my website that is soon coming...designed by Ken Wilson (AV Club).



Nika said...

I personally love #1, #8, and #93...she is a beautiful little girl...once again congrats on the upcoming site....I am excited that you are taking your talent to the next level....:-)

Glad that you had a great time in the metro this weekend...btw, how did Daniel like the boiled peanuts?


Liz said...

you take wonderful pics! can't wait to see your new website!

Candice said...

Thank you Nika and Liz

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