Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ana Laura

Click here to listen to her song on myspace.

The secret of life is letting go
The secret of love is letting it show
In all that I do
In all that I say
Right here in this moment

The power of prayer is in a humble cry
The power of change is in giving my life
I’m laying it down
Down at your feet
Right here in this moment

Take my heart
Take my soul
I surrender everything to your control
And let all this is within me lift up to you and say
I am yours and yours alone

The journey of life is a search for truth
This journey of faith is following you
Every step of the way
Through the joy and the pain
Right here in this moment

Right here, right now, and for the rest of my life
Hear me say

I am yours and yours alone


Brian Rhodes said...

I'm about to sing that song in a vocal competition at the end of this week. I heard it on Facing the Giants and loved it. Have you seen that movie. It's pretty good. Best of all, no sex scenes or cussing.......ahhhh the joys of the Christian cinema. I really love that song. How's the wedding plans coming along. Hope to hear from you soon. Brian.

Nancy said...
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Kym said...

SUCH A GOOD SONG! Hope you're well.

Candice said...

glad you liked it! susan is singing it at our wedding :).

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