Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've got bugs.

Onl The Way To London 2 ed2
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I have little red bugs, no larger than the size of a freckle trying to take over...but they won't...because they got sprayed today. YAY. There's nothing that will make you feel more unclean than bugs in your house. No matter what you try to do to prevent them...they appear out of nowhere. They must be destroyed. They have been destroyed. Thank the Lord.

Why did I share that? I don't know? Just thought you would like to know.


A round of 'Congrats' are in order for Adam Barrington and Beth Hauser. Adam proposed in London....Love is in the air (and in the water here in Charlotte :). I dropped them off at the airport last week....and snapped a couple of shots...before being honked at my hurried travelers. I'm SUPER happy for both of them!

Random post, isn't it?

Have a great Thursday....Oprah is on Ellen....(again, random...I know..)

American Idol=girls are the best. That's all.


Liz said...

i think love is in the air/water here in the anderson area as well!
you're getting so close to your date...i know you must be sooo excited! paul and i are finally down to the double digits today-99 days!

Candice said...

the double digits will go by SO quickly...Daniel and I have 28 more days!!! :)

Have a great Day Liz!

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