Monday, March 12, 2007

Flea Market....

God is SO SO good, even when I feel like I least deserve His grace. He's good.

This weekend was Daniel's first in the south...and the weather couldn't have been MORE beautiful. Daniel has been sick since He's still fighting a cold/sinuses/congestion...but the fever and the worst of it has passed. But...he's a trooper....and is getting we speak.

We were able to leave Friday for Columbia to hang out with friends and family and go to the Flea Market! Daniel and I sold ALL my Mary Kay, all our tools and clothes...and we left with hardly anything left!! HOORAY! I will post a picture or two soon.

Then Saturday night we drove on down to Augusta to hang out with my family....AND to have a cook out with my mom's stepbrother and his wife...SO fun...we were able to have a housewarming party to celebrate the move in of their almost 4000 square foot home. It's BEAUTIFUL.

Other than that...we are just getting it all together before Daniel and I get married. Interviewing, combining accounts and all of that other fun stuff!

More to come soon....till then...enjoy the weather....12 more days! HOLLA~

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Nika said...

Glad that Daniel is feeling better....speaking of sickness I am home today under the weather-ughh.

Glad to hear that you had a great weekend. On a sidenote, I got you and Daniel's note in the mail Friday--it made me smile. Once again, enjoy the frame and once again all the best as your special day rapidly approaches.

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