Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cake Feeding

Cake Feeding
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So the pix are up from our Michigan wedding here to go and see them. If I'm in the picture...I have to give my mom the credit for taking it...she's good like that.

Our wedding pictures will be up in about 4 more weeks...hold tight.
Daniel and I have been doing some serious yard work lately. It's been so great to get rid of that clover in our yard...and landscape and seed it a bit...pix to come....when our grass is SUPER green.


Deb said...

I hear tomorrow is a "Cake Day" for you! Remember to just count your days in blessings, not years!

Have a Happy One!!

I'm going camera shopping tomorrow!

B-rock said...

hey you need to start praying that your boy michael waltrip starts making some races. those toyotas arent doing what everyone thought they were going to do.

B-rock said...

im prayin for him

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