Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Name Changes=God's delightful sense of humor.

I have been on the phone the past two days changing my last name. It's fun to finally be able to use my new last name..."Lanning" All that's left to change is....my license at the DMV (boo hiss).

But enough about name changing.

This past weekend we (Daniel, Mom, Dad & Me) flew to Michigan for our Manton Wedding Reception. Daniel's parents through us the most WONDERFUL wedding shower, complete with a full meal, desserts, friends and over 150 people! We we so blessed and had such a wonderful time. Nancy, Daniel's mom, posted a ton of pix from the day...so click here to check those out.

My pix of the weekend are on edit wait mode (I have to edit a few more bridal portraits first)...but I'll post a link oh so soon!

p.s. Dad did a great job flying for the first time. Thanks for your prayers!

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Deb said...

Just so sorry we missed it, but what a great time it was seeing our kids in SC.

Thanks again for your help today on the sign-in thing. You are a sweetie!

Glad to hear your Dad survived flying. Will he do it again? :-)

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