Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Did I mention...

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....that my husband and I will be going to Taiwan...and visiting Hong Kong too? We've bought our tickets...updated our passports...and now...we are waiting.

I just love this picture I found of Taiwan on flickr. We are going during their Moon Festival. Should be very we view this festival with our family that lives there.

So I guess you couldn't tell that I am a bit excited.
Summer feels like it already's 89 degrees in Charlotte...and the humidity is back in full force. EEk.
To continue the random posting...I'm a third of the way through with editing Denise's bridal pix...which don't really need editing.

Ahhh...the joys.

p.s. Did you see Blake on American Idol performing Jon Bon Jovii?Yes....I loved it. I know that my friendLori was LOVING this episode...and will love to hear them perform tonight!!!! :) I always think of her, Michelle Wheeler & Christina Spearman every time I hear that band.


Nancy said...

I am so excited that you both can go visit Rachel and Matt in'll just LOVE it! I can't wait to go in two weeks....the sights, smells and architectures are so unique!

bonnie said...

Wow...I'm so excited for will love it! That's great that you have some people there that live there to take you to all the fun spots....We're going in August for a few weeks....I hope ya'll have so much fun!!!!!

Nika said...

I am so excited for you that you will get to Tawaii....I know that is going to be a beautiful time!

As for Idol last night, I (along with my other co-workers who have been watching Idol) agree-Blake was FIERCE and if Itunes doesn't have his performance available, I will definately download from the Idol website.

Great pics of Beth--glad to see your "The Beautiful Mess" on the up and up---quick question have you thought about doing a photoblog for your business to keep everyone (clients and stuff) up to date on your business. I noticed that it is going trend as I have been checking out other photographer's work lately. If not-you should. :-)

Take care

Candice said...

Nancy- I AM excited to see everything...and I know Daniel and I will have 'picture overload' while we are there! So glad that you two get to go next week!!!

Bonnie!!! Hi there!! I can't wait to see everthing there...and i wish we could stay a couple of weeks too....too bad we won't be there at the same time!!

Nika. Thanks for the heads up...I will have a blog connected to my site...but thanks for the reccomendation...


Rachel said...

Candice, we are just as excited for you to come! I love how you've looked up some things online...isn't it funny how they say Moon Festival is for lovers? :)

who is Bonnie, and why is she coming to Taiwan? Does she know anyone here? Is she going to Taipei? It would be cool to meet one of your friends!!!

Anyway, we can't wait for you to are going to LOVE it. I know you'll soak it all up like a sponge!!!

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