Thursday, May 03, 2007

What is happening to America?

...Enough is Enough.

I read this story with the Associated Press. I was baffled. read it.


On a lighter note...was anyone disappointed with Bon Jovi's performance? While the song they performed was good (though he sounded a little bit like Axl Rose)....when you here Bon want ROCK! Just my thoughts....

Speaking of American Idol, does anyone else like Robin Thicke's (Son of Growing Pains star dad) music as much as I do. Great performance. Yeah...he's a favorite (my poor husband has been made to listen to his cd over and over at times with me...what a good husband :).

Speaking of my amazing husband....go and read his blog today. HILARIOUS!


danlanning said...

what a pathetic excuse for a human being...$65 million is just stupid. :)

Jared and Sara said...

ridiculous. i mean, really really ridiculous!

Nika said...

This lawsuit has been a point of dicussion in my business law course-personally I am appalled.

As for Bon Jovi, I agree-loved the song...disappointed with the performance. Still did a good job with the mentoring though.

And as for Robin Thicke, his music is amazing! Muy romantico (Very romantic).

Brett said...

i heard about that lawsuit the other day...i too think it's pretty makes me think of the verse that says "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

I was disappointed in Bon Jovi's performance...I was just expecting something different.

Oh...and Robin Thicke rocks my face off!

Deb said...

Opps, forgot to read the article from Associated Press but reading the other comments, I am almost afraid to.

Not a big Bon Jovi fan nor of Robin Thicke. Sorry! Loved the performances of the American Idol Contestants, tho. I'm a Doolittle Fan with Jordin right behind. Blake's version was awesome!

Did the mailman make it to your house from Michigan okay?

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