Monday, May 07, 2007


Weekends are busy, but good. Daniel and I went to Augusta to help with fixing up my brother's newly purchased hud home. My parents have rocked out most of the work...but we were (Daniel on the hard stuff) able to install a new sump pump, paint kitchen cabinets and molding, intall a stove, dishwasher, sink, lights inside and out, and scrape wallpaper off of the walls. Whew!

On our way home from Augusta we were able to stop in Columbia and visit our family (Reba, Ben & Brock). Great times...

Want to hear a funny story? I had an 8:00 am dentist I had to leave home early. I get in the car...get to the Dentist office....and right before I go back...I get a call from Daniel. I thought he was giving me his regular morning calls...instead this time...he says, " keys and wallet are in your purse." EEK! Needless to say....he had to wait 45 minutes to get them before he could drive to work...thankfully I wasn't gone that long.

So uhh...thanks to AVCLUB, I've discovered a funny Spiderman Spoof (bunny reinactments of Spiderman 1 & 2 in 30 seconds...hilariious). Click here to see it.

p.s. Thanks to Reba for our picture...she took it yesterday!

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