Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Father's Day.

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I know...I know. Father's Day is Sunday...but weekend blogging can get a bit 'iffy' at I didn't want to miss this special occasion.

How do I start? I have the best dad in the world. Period. I remember growing and my family had a corner house lot. All the neighborhood kids would come to our lot, to play with us...I'll never forget the kids saying (the girls) how 'cute & handsome' dad was. It always made me feel extremely proud.

But, there are some really cool things about my dad that made me proud growing up (and continues to make me proud). See...I'm a welder's kid....Dad works long hours in the elements, whether it be SO hot outside or so cold, he's working in it. I remember a time when there wasn't a lot of work for welder's, and money was so tight. Dad did anything and everything legal to make sure we had enough. Mom was in college at the time...and I think I was around 9 or 10. Dad would go and mow our neighbor's lawns and he would go to Sam's and buy burritos and go sell them at work. I remember helping him wrap the burritos with tin foil (or something microwaveable). I always thought it was fun to help him. Little did I know that Dad was doing it to help us have a little more. It brings me to tears thinking about it now--how humble my dad was and is....and how much he gave for us. Never complaining.

I don't ever remember worrying as a child about money--but I do know that mom and dad had to really lean on the Lord during those tough times. I'm so thankful.

I chose this picture b/c it shows the kind of man my dad is. He walked me down the aisle, and here I am in tears...and I know my dad's eyes are closed for two reasons: 1. so he won't cry. 2. he's praying.

Dad gives of himself selflessly and cares about all who surround him. Dad, you are a WONDERFUL man and an amazing Father. Thank you for showing me what love was supposed to look like with Mom.

Love you always.


Jason and Liz said...

Candice, I loved reading that blog! We are blessed to have great Dads!

Joe Sholl said...

Another great post...praise God for welders.

Candice said...

So true Liz...

Thanks Joe...agreed. Thank God for welders!

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