Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm blinded by the light coming from that large stone....

Sandy and Andrea
Originally uploaded by Lanna Grace
Yeah. I WISH I had taken these pictures...but they were from the talented and creative eye of Miss Lanna Grace. Go and see her work. Click on the photo.

p.s. Sandy & Andrea...I'm SO happy for you two...and your pictures are AMAZING...and that ring...WOW! Nice work Sandy.


Deb said...

Have been gone for 3-weeks visiting my family back West and now to catch-up with the blog sites.

How touched I was with your tribute to your Dad.

LannaGrace said...

Everbody's getting married (and thanks for the plug!)!


WHAT UP WHIT!! I hope you are well. I think Andrea and I are going to go to SixFlags on the 3rd. I'll holler at you! Thanks for the shout out!!


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