Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hi there...

So...tonight Daniel and I are going to a small group from Elevation Church. We've been attending there since we were married...and we are really enjoying and looking forward to being a part of it. It's always fun getting to meet new people and starting over....and we can't wait to jump in a get started! So....tonight should be fun to meet with our small group for the first time!

In other news..the Volunteer Banquet was a success here at the shelter. So many volunteers came on Tuesday....and it was just wonderful. I have to brag on my husband...who came and helped. I am the envy of all women I know...b/c my man goes the extra mile on everything. Seriously. He's the best man I know.

The last post. A rain out. Yes..after 3 weeks of no rain in the we didn't get to go...but we were SO thankful for the rain.

Hmmm. I'm sure there's more....but I'll save it for another day....

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