Monday, August 27, 2007

1 of 4

Candice and I finally heard some good news today about our house in Michigan! There are four events that need to happen on consecutive days this week, and Event 1...the hardest.....took place today! It's been a perpetual struggle for the past two months, but we've had countless prayers from people all over the world and we have seen the hand of God move in our favor to allow us to sell our house. God's timing is always right and perfect, and we have learned that we can do all we can to move processes along, but in the end, we have to trust Him to take care of us. I'm sure we will be updating throughout the week, but we thank you for all the prayer and concern so many of you have shown while we have struggled through this situation.

It feels almost as good as the day we filed for our marriage licence! :)

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