Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Part 1: 233 Himes St., Michigan.

Are you ready for a 3 or 4 part series?

Let me start at the beginning....Daniel and I had a long distance relationship before we were married. He lived in Michigan, while I was here in North Carolina. We both were home owners. Daniel and I got married...and he moved to Charlotte...leaving his newly remodeled home (that he did all the work on...really nice). A week before he moves to be married to me...he puts 233 Himes St. up on the market.

March, April, May & June pass....God totally provided for us to pay the mortgage and utilities on 2 homes. We praise him for completely and totally giving us favor to do so. At the middle of June, we were at Elevation Church Small Group Training with John Bishop...when Daniel received a call from his friend, and realtor in Michigan. Someone made an offer on the house. WOO HOO.

**Before continuing, let me preface by saying that Daniel did not cut corners on this house...and made it SO nice....and his only hope for the house, was that someone who would really appreciate it, would buy it..**

Well...after little back and forth...we accepted and offer on the house and signed a contract. The guy was so thrilled about the house, and it was obvious that he appreciated all of Daniel's craftsmanship (which did my husband's heart good.) During this time our small group, parents, friends and others had been in continuous prayer that we would be able to sell the house.

Our buyer gets approved for an FHA loan....and we try to get the process moving. That's when we received a letter in the mail from the IRS. There's a lien on the house. That's right, it belonged to the homeowner before Daniel. Daniel's title insurance company title search did not catch the lien...and when Daniel bought the house...they transferred that responsibility to him. Agh.....SO frustrating.

....this is part one...of the amazing 233 Himes St. saga...more to come with spiritual insights...from yours truly....

p.s. I just saw that my husband posted below (last night)...great minds think alike..take a look at his post too....

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Deb said...

Oh how frustrating indeed. Lots of questions ???? but I guess I'll wait for this saga to continue.

Lifting you in prayer!

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