Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Before & After.

So...we have quite a few before and after's for you.

The first is...Daniel re-sealed our cedar shakes in the front of our house. SO nice ....

The second hair was 16 inches long...and it's now less than 6 inches long (in the front..shorter in the back.) That's right folks...I got my hair cut yesterday...and donated it to Locks of Love . Daniel came and documented the whole thing...I'll post the pictures after lunch today (I have a few more to edit...) I'm so pleased with the outcome. I didn't think I was really doing anything of note, until right as JB was about to cut the long part of my hair off.....a lady in a chair on the other side of the salon said,
"are you donating your hair to locks of love?"

i told her, "yes"

she said, "that makes me so happy to see, I am a cancer survivor and I am moved when I see people giving to others, the way others gave to me."

Tears. Yes..I didn't realize the magnititude of sharing my hair with someone else until that moment.

So...if you can, share your hair with someone else.

Transformation pictures to come....after check back with me.....

....Not only did we have a great time with the hair cut...but we had some friends over for dinner. It's always fun to get to hang out with other couples and figure out new things about people. My husband is also THE most fantastic host ever. Thanks Daniel, you are just awesome.

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