Monday, September 03, 2007

Brett & Jes Crisp

Brett & Jes Crisp
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Last night we shot Brett & Jes Crisp's wedding. It was such a sweet evening. They are dear friends of mine...and allowed Daniel and me to share in their special day.

We have a ton of pictures to edit between the two of us...and we can't wait to share them...but till then, you'll just have to see a few of her favorite bridal shots...

Speaking of yesterday...yesterday was my mom & dad's 29th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad...thank you for being such a wonderful example of God's love between two people. Dad, thank you for showing me what a loving husband is supposed to be like, and mom, thank you for showing me how to be a godly wife. I am truly grateful to you both. Love you!


GE is me said...

Candice, the pix are beautiful. I liked all of them. (Wasn't crazy about the sepia one, but it was still a lovely photo.) I am curious how you & Daniel met. It is great you have a wonderful example of what a good marriage is suppose to be. Happy Anniversary to your folks!

Candice & Daniel said...

Thanks Gail...the sepia one was at the request of the bride. Her husband had taken one of himself just like that with their hands in worship to the Lord (they lead music)..and she wanted to surprise him with one like that. I took a million different angles/filters of that shot...thanks for the honesty!

Daniel and I met through his 3rd sister Reba. When he visited from Michigan..they had me pick him up from the airport in Charlotte...and drive him down to Columbia. :) I'll share the story in full sometime soon...

Thanks for the Happy Anniversary to my folks.

Hope you are well...and that you had a great Labor Day!

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