Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hiking for pleasure?

So I know we promised Hong Kong pictures, but we're going to wait on them until we can do some editing....sorry 'bout that. :)

Today we climbed part of Seven Star mountain with Matt and Rachel, and two of their friends, Daniel and Andrea (who are engaged to be married in February!). We weren't nearly as nimble and in-shape on the mountain as the other 4, but we made it within 200 meters of the top and were told that it counted as getting to the top. So we'll take it. One of the most fun things, was seeing these older Taiwanese adults walking the mountain like it was an escalator.....makes you realize why no one over here is overweight. Americans could learn something.....We had a gentleman serenade us while passing us going down the mountain and telling us he was 60...hence the picture of him ahead of us.

After the hike, we stopped and got some seriously authentic food. Don't even ask, because I don't know the names (though there was some chicken and rice in there!). Candice may be able to remember better....but as long as it tastes good, I don't ask questions.

Since it is the Moon Festival holiday weekend, we are going to a bar-b-que tonight with a number of friends and will likely try some food that we might never try again!

And we had to attach one picture of our sweet nephew.

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Jared and Sara said...

Oh my goodness you two...what an awesome experience you are having. So cool!

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