Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not ready to say goodbye.

We have had a wonderful time here in Taiwan...and 8-9 days are just not enough time to see a country. Still, thanks to Rachel and Matt...we have had the amazing opportunity to see much of it.

The past few days have been filled with wonderful babysitting moments with our precious nephew, Micah (see following have not been edited...and probably don't care...)

Daniel and I were able to visit the Martyr's Shrine. This is where all of their military generals were buried. So amazing!

We had a great time celebrating Moon Festival with ORTV friends of Rachel & Matt's. We ate moon cakes and more....our tastebuds have been on their toes...and I'm proud to say we have tried a ton of new tastes! Even today, we had lunch at an authentic Thai restaurants with the NPA senior official...and a police officer (Rachel teaches them English). What an honor... (pictures of our meal below)

We were able to visit Danshui and shop in the markets....Danshui is on the lovely. A one foot ice cream cone was in order...Mixed Berry.... We also visited the night market as well (talk about crazy busy...this place was it.. pictures below)

Last, but certainly not least, Daniel and I were able to visit the 2004 tallest building in the world...the 101 building. My husband studied architecture at U of Michigan...and was just in awe of this amazing structure. We went up to the 89 floor in less than 36 seconds. This place is just unbelievable. (pix below)

So...tomorrow morning we begin our journey home. 22 hours. We are sad to leave...but looking foward to sharing our treasures with family and friends.

Till then. Good bye!

3 comments: said...

Wow! How exciting! :-D

JT said...

this looks so awesome...

have you noticed that we have been very nice and not made one joke about you being with your "real" family :)

Nika said...

How exciting! What an amazing trip! :)

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