Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I've been tagged by my wife...

So my wife was tagged by Jessi...and Candice tagged me....so here are my 8 random facts...and I'm not tagging anyone....go see Candice's post below...for her random tagging facts...

1. I can’t sit still. My wife is forever encouraging me to just sit…relax…it’s very hard.
2. I have crooked pinkies…both pinkies….severely crooked…...inherited from my mother.
3. I’m rarely satisfied with how my hair looks…..call it vein….but the color and style often leave something to be desired (though my wife loves my hair color…amazing how that happens).
4. I don’t enjoy the internet….my life would be much less complicated and peaceful if it never existed.
5. I work well alone…. most all my jobs in the maintenance/construction world have revolved around singular work…but I’m working on my group relations.
6. I love Elevation Church…..I’ve enjoyed many churches in my life, but this is where I have seriously grown…..and given back by being involved.
7. I try to make my wife happy by doing anything and everything I can think of that she asks for or doesn’t ask for.
8. I pass out if I hit my funny bone just right….or maybe just wrong……I’ve scared a number of people that way in my lifetime and even got a ½ day off work once because of it. I should wear elbow pads.


Rachel said...

I'm with you on the pinkies, Dan! Crooked pinkies, unite!!

Deb said...

Daniel, you are a hoot! This "tag" thing has been fun for us observers.

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