Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Bless Back Project.

I'm just beyond words at this point. We just started the series (i.e. capital campaign)DOMIINATE . Amazed. So much so that our church shared 40,000 dollars with the congregation to go and bless someone in the community. Confused? You can visit the site at Bless Back Project .

I would tell you more....but instead, how about you listen to it here (it may be Monday or Tuesday before it's up......wait for it... :)


GE is me said...

Wow Candice, I just read the stories on Bless Back. How incredible is that! When God lays it on your heart to do something for someone & you listen it's amazing.

As a side note, left a post for Lisa, but I sent a request for her to our prayer chain for her surgery.

God Bless, -Gail

Rachel said...

I just checked out the BlessBack stories, too. Have you guys given away your money yet? I want to hear what you do with it. :)

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