Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Lord,

Lisa & Ella Joy
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Lord, right now, as Lisa prepares for her surgery, I pray that a peace that only you can understand would wash over her. That you would guide and direct the doctors and nurses hands...and care for her only as you can. Lord, we trust you with today tomorrow...and the journey ahead to recovery. Lord--may you make her life a living testimony of your love and faithfulness.

Today Lisa will be having her surgery at 1...and goes in at 11 for prep. I will be giving updates on her blog as soon as I get word from Joel (her husband). For those of you who know her and those who don't, please pray that her lymph nodes are CANCER-FREE, and that God just wow's everyone with miracles that can only come from him.

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GE is me said...

Candice, they are fortunate to have wonderful friends like you & Daniel. The prayer you wrote, well, I couldn't have said it any better myself. She's been in my prayers today.

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