Thursday, October 18, 2007

Date Night

Last night Daniel and I had a date night. I love these! We went to a movie....shared some chinese food...and did a bit of shopping. (Aeropostale....amazing sale.) I love date's time that you choose to specifically spend time with the person you love. Nothing else gets to capture your attention, but each other. Agh....(and...if you haven't husband is SO handsome...). When it's not date nights... we do spend time with one another...but sometimes we are working on the computer, doing stuff outside or have our minds on other things.....we talk and sit down with one another....but the time has not necessarily been set aside.

I think its the same with the Lord. When we carve out that 'date night' (one-on-one) time with Him. He gets our fully devoted attention. No distractions....just me....and Him. I think God LOVES those times with his beloved ones. But...throughout the week and days that are not our 'date nights' we just talk in passing...while those times are good and meaningful as well...the 'date nights' are just so much better.

Just a thought.

p.s. Daniel and I saw Tyler Perry's movie, 'Why Did I Get Married?' ...and we would recommend it to anyone. SO good!

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donalD.eslicK said...

hey girl, i haven't talked to you in so long. i hope all is well... you know desperate housewives is back on now? we (us and y'all) need to get together soon! talk to you later...

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