Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Small Group Homies

Small Group Homies
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Tuesday nights=Small Group. Daniel and I are leading & hosting a small group for our church (Elevation) and we are just loving it. We just wanted to post a picture and give a big shout out to them.

Pictured from left to right (front row) Erin, Melissa, Adam, Elizabeth, Sara, Jeremy, Kara, Candice. (back row) Jason, Thea, Jodi, Meghan, Eric, Jenny, Meredith, Mack & Daniel. (Nate missing :( rocks!

We are still suffering from jet much so...that I had to come home early from work yesterday.

More to come soon.


Nancy said...

What a great small group you have!
We're praying you get over your jetlag..,you'll feel better by Christmas! HA! Love you!

Elizabeth said...

I love this picture and your blog! I've recently started my own and I'm loving it!! You guys and everyone else have been such a blessing in Adam's and I life! We love Tuesdays!

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