Monday, October 01, 2007

"Good Luckabee, Mr. Huckabee.."

I wish I could take credit for this, but it's my mastermind sis-in-law Reba... While her hubby was at work, both she and our nephew (Brock), went to a breakfast supporting president hopeful, Mike Huckabee. The cool thing is...that Reba makes 'Funsies'. They are 'onsies' with personalized messages that she paint/writes on the front. They are fantastic gifts (if you are interested in buying one...just let us know...) for friends. Well, for that breakfast, Reba had made one for Brock that said, "Good Luckabee, Mr. Huckabee." They (meaning, Mr. Huckabee, just happened to like it, and snapped a picture of it and he also put it on his blog. I knew my family would be 'famous'...

*note: These are not necessarily my political views. I'm just sharing the story without bias.*


GE is me said...

Hi Candice & Daniel,
Welcome home, glad you had a good time in the Orient- can't wait to see the pix. I looked at the pix from the wedding- very nice. I know I said before that I wasn't crazy about the sepia one, but in reading your description on it & looking at it again; it is a nice pic.

So about the onesie- I like it! I know these aren't necessarily your political views; but so far out of what I've seen on either side this man seems to have it together the best! Also not afraid to state his beliefs of God.
I saw a youtube video of him that impressed me.
Peace, -Gail

GE is me said...

p.s. - I just noticed you changed the top of your blog- I like the pic there too! :)

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