Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bobcats vs. Miami

Daniel and I went to our first of many Bobcats game. It was amazing to see Wayne Wade, Shaq and more. We of course got there ....there is NO ONE in the stands yet.

Good times.

I have to admit though, what would a good game be without 'hecklers'? It's like no matter what sporting event you attend, there are those group of guys that feed off of one another's negativity and criticisms. I just want to turn around and say..."so umm...why don't you try to play with the big boys...and see how long you last..." But would do me no good. So my husband says to me, "Candice, I just ignore them...they just metl into the background noise. Good advice, but difficult to actually follow.

I think it's the same in life. Sometimes we have amazing and good things going on...but there will always be the naysayers that have to be behind with their criticims and negativity, but like my husbands stoic example at the game. Just tune them out. God has ordered our steps, and if we follow him....the naysayers voices may be there, but they kind of melt into the background noise that no one notices. Just a thought.

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Elizabeth said...

I cheered that game!!! Hope ya'll had fun!

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