Friday, November 16, 2007 year ago.

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Daniel and I got engaged one year ago today. It' s nuts how quickly time has passed by. We have almost been married for 9 MONTHS!!! Wow. I remember it like it was yesterday. I have been truly blessed with the best man in the world for me. Ahhh. I'm so blessed. Below is the poem he wrote me for part of our engagement...he's been writing me poems before and ever since. I've got a good man! (ps. Click on the poem to enlarge and read)


Nika said...

Happy 9 Months Candice and Daniel......Candice, I definately have got a good man, a GODLY man ;)

What a beautiful year that you both have shared with many more to come of course!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful night that was when the call came that you were engaged! We were so excited for you both...and what a beautiful marrige you have! We love you both so much! said...

Don't husbands help us to understand God's love? Your marriage sounds like is a beautiful one in everyone's eyes (including God's). Thank you for honoring God with your lives :-)


Lisa said...

Beautiful. Nothing else can describe it.

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