Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kristy & John

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My cousin Kristy & John are getting married 6.7.08...and we did an engagement shoot on Thanksgiving Day at my Granny & Pa's pecan grove/cotton field/pond. We got some great shots....just before the bottom fell out of the sky...

We will do another shoot for engagement pix in the spring at St. Simon's Island...should be fun.

Love you Kristy! So happy for you. See some of my favorite pictures from the day here.


Demi Eliese said...

pics are great!

thanks for the compliment in the blogging-means alot coming from the queen of blogging herself! :)

GE is me said...

Candice, I love looking at your pix & the different things you do w/them. I liked the one where they're in the cotton field, but are a bit out of focus. Don't know if it was a typo or you were just messing around, but the last pic in your slide show has an '07 date on it. I really liked that pic though. Is that a pecan tree they are on?

Candice & Daniel said...

thanks y'all...

gail-yeah...my cousin laughed when she saw the mistake too....working on that one. they are on a pecan tree.... :)

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