Monday, November 26, 2007

Dear Rappers, Hip/Hop and R&B artists,

I love your beats. I love your cool harmonies. I love to exercise to your music, but lately, you're all making it very hard to continue listening to your music. In fact, I've had to be more than selective with my choices from your music. This makes me so sad, when the forefathers/foremothers of your music actually had lyrics that fought for social change, shared love and made music about things that mattered and made a difference.

Why has your journey taken such an abrupt turn?

I have to ask myself this question, can I actually justify listening to lyrics that degrade women, encourage violence and show a lack of intelligence in regards to choice of language/slang?

It breaks my heart. I was your biggest fan for a long time, but I cannot justify supporting your lyrics and I can no longer convince myself that your 'beat' is enough reason to listen to your music.

I once heard a music artist say, 'I feel such a responsibility to stand for something and to be a role-model to kids and fans listening to my music. It's like I've been 'elected' by my fans to a political office, and I am responsible for the choices of my music that affect so many.' That couldn't be more true.

So until you decide to 'clean up your act and stand for something,' I'll continue to be selective and disciplined for what will be allowed to enter my ears and make it's way to my heart.

A saddened listener,


Haley Lamb said...

amen!! i feel your sadness....i was the same way and had to give it up:( But, have you heard of the rapper LeCrae?? If you listen to his will never turn back!! hope this can help in some way! let me know if you listen to him.

Demi Eliese said...

I feel you. I have resided to listening to ALOT of old school hip hop and r & b. much to jason's chagrin since he ONLY listens to 80's.

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