Sunday, November 25, 2007


Lots of good things happening ....most of which is that we have had 4 1/2 straight days off of work. PRAISE GOD! Lately Daniel and I have been working our little tushes off...between crazy work stuff, Elevation (small group, cookouts, rehearsals, photography) and family...we've just been nuts. Thank you Lord for providing the solace for me during this holiday.

Yesterday, we went shopping with my mom & dad...and got some great gifts for the people we love and care about. Each store I went into I was able to find things for others and buy them with ease. As I walked through the malls, stores and other places with my bags of purchased gifts....I began looking at the stressed out faces around me...husbands and wives looking overwhelmed. I watched nervous buyers in the check out line, handing their hard earned dollars or credit cards to the cashier...and it just hit me.

I'm blessed beyond what I'll ever deserve.

There are so many individuals that stress over the holidays, because they don't know how they will afford it. Some will go into debt and spend the next year trying to pay it off. Some may not be stressed about the cash...but their sole focus is on the gift. There are some that have forgotten why we have Christmas (this is evident in the parking lot, while trying to be the first to get Rock Star parking).

Whatever all the reasons may be...I just want to be truly thankful for what I have...but not just thankful....generous. I want to be generous in gratitude to others, kindness, love, with my resources. Generous.

Just a thought.

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