Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our creation.

Gingerbread House 07 (01)
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Daniel and I completed our first Gingerbread house. I have to admit my architect husband was the mastermind behind it's genius! I would have to say in the case of this one...that 'less is definitely NOT more!'

Christmas time is just flying by. The holidays are the busiest time of year at the Shelter. It's a time of year when I get to see amazing miracles happen at the shelter. I also get to witness amazing generosity.

We attended (and planned) the shelter Christmas party for the residents on Monday....and it was so humbling to hear the sounds of the men singing Christmas carols as one. Then to see them receive gifts donated by churches and individuals and be so thankful. There were a few residents that didn't take anything because they wanted to ' make sure that everyone else was able to receive something.' Amazing love. By the end of it, Daniel and I were so moved and touched by the moment. I pray that those moments will shape us and forever last in our memory for years to come.

More to come....


Nancy said...

What a beautiful gingerbread home! You should go into the business!!!
What a beautiful Christmas party at the shelter - thanks for sharing!

Candice & Daniel said...

Thanks :)!

We miss you guys and hope you have a beautiful Thursday. Love you.

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