Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Day...

It's a snow day here in the lovely Charlotte, NC, area. Check out our post below for some other random goodness...and enjoy our video.... :)

p.s. On the video...ignore the crazy hair thing I've got going's before 7 am... :)


Nika said...

Darn..Yall got the snow day!

In the metro (Columbia),we were all rooting for some form of snow here to fall on the ground (and to keep us indoors-even my mother was hoping not to have to do jury duty)...maybe next time for us.

Have fun today!

Nancy said...

You're beginning to look a lot like's so pretty!
Maybe you can make a snowman in the front of your house

Haley Lamb said...

so fun and so pretty! we got snow...but just barely:( then it all melted away....p.s. did those answered questions about Blu help out any?:)

Jenny King said...

I see you found my blog :)

E said...

Love the video! Especially where you both focus on the nice "clean" snow :)

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