Thursday, January 24, 2008


Ch-Ch-Changes. This month is a month of changes. Good ones. I can't wait to share them with you. Not today. (that was mean, I know).

What's new for the Lanning's? We've been as busy as ever with work. We have purchased a website...we decided to hold off on Infinet (too pricey) and went with another designer. Give us a couple of weeks, and we'll have her up and running.

Daniel and I are celebrating 10 months of marriage today. It's gone by SO quickly! I think we'll watch our (well, mine) favorite movie to celebrate..Bloodsport. :)

I promise to give you a long, juicy and heartfelt post soon...!


Nancy said...

What a picture! (Is that what marriage has done to both of you????)
Happy, happy 10 month anniversary...we are so thankful for such a wonderful 10 months for you! We love you both so much

Deb said...

Well PTL...look what I get to do!! Go figure!

Had to laugh, was thinking the same thing as your Mom did in regards to this picture.

While I have the chance, have enjoyed your blog site. Can't think of what to comment on now.

Happy 10 months! Till next time???

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