Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Audio Blog, Anniversary Recap & March Badness

SO many things to talk about today…but I’m going to make it short. First things first….I had the honor of being a part of Pastor Furtick’s audio blog post for today. Vision Flows from the Top Down. Go check it out.
Daniel and I had a fabulous time last night. Daniel of course spoiled me with flowers, poetry and a meal that only God could have created for himself. It was that good. We ate at The Capital Grille (featured in Shallow Hal). Our waiter Chris was fantastic…and even gave us a dessert in honor of our anniversary (crème Brule cheesecake with fresh raspberries/blackberries/strawberries and fruit sauce). The restaurant did a really nice job of making our anniversary special by decorating our table with a few anniversary style things. It was so nice, and we hope to send people there in the future. Our lobster and filet mignon was to die for. Ahhh…what a great night in Uptown, thank you Daniel for planning such a special night for us.

Don’t forget to visit our March Badness pictures for your viewing pleasure.


E said...

Oooo I am so jealous you had lobster :) Any YUM to the creme Brule!

Chad said...

Hey Candice, I broke my phone. Call me and give me your number, please please!

Jenni Shaver

Daniel & Candice said...

It was so good. You must make Jason take you there...

Jenni...I'll call you today :).

bethbrown said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :-)

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