Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I love working at Elevation Church. I love Guest Services. I love the fact that God has given me a job that I love so much. God is so good.

Each Sunday, Daniel, though he is not paid by Elevation Church, volunteers many many hours to help me in any way needed. He's selfless and willing. He not only does it because it helps me, but he believes in the vision of Elevation, 'to see those far from God be filled with life in Christ.'

He's also caught the photography fever and has done some amazing work taking photos for Elevation Church as a volunteer. Every Sunday, he posts those here.....along with our campadre Sean Lyon.

Daniel, thank you for the sacrafices you make. You are my unsung hero....and because of what you do...non-believers are able to have a distraction-free Sunday. I love you.

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Daniel & Candice said...

you're the sweetest woman ever!

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