Monday, March 10, 2008

Breaking Through.

I have a confession. Daniel and I aren’t perfect. We get that a lot from those who read our blog, but don’t really know us well. I guess on blogs, we can portray any sort of image we like, and there can be a danger in that. But the truth is…there are things that Daniel and I would really like to change. For instance, it has been SO hard to make friends here in Charlotte. Well, its felt nearly impossible. Daniel and I both had great friends from where we lived before…but in Charlotte…it’s been impossible to break through. There are those that will speak with us at church (our main social outlet), but beyond that, it’s stagnant.

We miss and long for the close relationships. We’re not sure why it has been so hard…maybe it’s hard to find married friends where both the husband and wife get along with the other husband and wife. I have to believe it requires us doing our part…and we really feel like we are. It’s hard to break through already established groups of friends as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be perfectly happy to it only being Daniel and me for the rest of eternity….but I think friendships can really enhance our lives along the way. Here’s to patiently waiting as God sends us to others and others to us. I trust He’s written our story and I am truly looking forward to what’s next.

**Just to be sure you know. Daniel and I are happy…we have friends that live outside of Charlotte…and love you guys so much. We also have a great small group…and love those homies to death. They’ve added so much joy to our lives, and we are so thankful for them.**


Jared and Sara said...

Making friends as a married couple is a real challenge...and one that Jared and I still at times feel like we could use more friends. Jared especially works with mostly women, and so has a hard time making a guy friend. And I have lots of mommy friends, but that doesn't always guarantee a friend for him. You hope when you meet a friend that their spouse will get a long with your spouse, but that is not always the case. And starting over together in a new place is also part of the challenge. If you ever get desperate, you can come to Anderson and hang out with us...we could have some crazy fun after we put Noah to bed!

Brett said...

We too have had a difficult time making couple friends. Like you mentioned, we have several people at our church that we talk to...but only at church. I think it adds to our struggle that we live and work in an area that does not have a ton of younger couples. It's also difficult to make time to develop new friendships with all of the craziness of life. Anyway...just know that you're not alone.

Daniel & Candice said...

Sara--careful...Daniel and I will probably take you up on that offer!

Brett-Daniel and I will pray that you and Jess will have some extraordinary people come into your lives! I hope you too are well!!! Blog again, please!

Jared and Sara said...

Girl, you know you are welcome any time. It would be such a treat to host you!

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