Friday, March 07, 2008


Daniel sent me the sweetest e-mail the other day (imagine that, right?). In the letter, he describes of how he would love for us to end up working together one day (which is something we both want). He then goes to say, and I quote him, “I don’t want to be away from you 10 hours a day and then only give you my leftovers from the day.” Wow. Really? A man would want to spend his days with his wife and she likewise. Amazing right.

It caused me to reflect on our year of life together thus far. How can we make the most of this time in our lives… this time, when we are crazy-busy with work and obligations…? How can we be intentional about what time we actually get to spend together? If you were waiting for an answer, well…we are still working on that one…but I think it starts with planned date nights out, cooking dinner together, working in the yard, spending our free time together …and more. We can be creative as we like….the key is intentionality.

The same can happen in our spiritual lives. We spend the days working away…that work could be for the Lord or not….that’s not the issue…and we end up with so little time for the Him. If we’re lucky, we end up giving the Lord our leftovers. What kind of relationship can we expect to have—when the Lord only gets what’s leftover?

Do I have the answer on how we remedy that? I think the answer will be different for every person…but I do know one thing, the key is intentionality. We often hear that cliché, ‘you make time for what’s important to you,’ or like Matthew 6:21 (The Message) states, “The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.” These are so true.

What it comes down to…is a deep heart check for all of us. What we truly love is not something we will give our leftovers to. Let’s be intentional about giving God our best.

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