Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reaping the Rewards.

Daniel and I are learning so much about one another as each day passes. In 19 days we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary. It’s been such a great time. We have been able to travel all over together (Michigan, California, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas around North Carolina and more!) and stay at B&B’s and with family and friends!

We’ve started a photography business together, started new jobs, sold a house, bought a car, painted rooms in our house, and landscaped our yard and more. We’ve found a church home together, began a small group and have grown so much.

So much has happened in one year of committed life to one another. I couldn’t be happier to share all of my most important life choices and happiest moments with Daniel. I love it when I hear others say to me, “You have the most thoughtful husband.” I love it when I hear people say, “God made you two for each other,” or “You guys make such a great team.” Because it’s all true…God made Daniel for me...and me for him. He DID make Daniel the most thoughtful person I have ever known.

There are times when Daniel is on the phone with his friends, and he’ll inquire about their lives, families, and more…and often times, they will not once ask how he is doing. He doesn’t even blink at it. People will ask him to help with maintenance projects (which he loves doing), they will ask his advice, and will ask all kinds of things of him…and without hesitation…he agrees to it. He’s selfless…that’s just who he is. I love him for it. I protect him from people that would abuse his generosity. I admire him for being a willing vessel that Jesus can clearly be seen through.

Truly, I’ve married the best man out there. Truly.

Daniel is gracious. He gives absolute patience and grace when I am ready to break someone in half. When we are asked to arrange our lives for other’s convenience…he is willing. When he is taken for granted, he is patient and understanding.

I work further from home than Daniel. When I arrive home, he has dinner ready (3 out of 5 times)…with only the motivation of serving me and making our lives easier. He doesn’t push traditional gender roles on me…he’s not bound by legalism…and he takes the Bible so seriously. How many men do you know that help their wives with housework, just because they feel it’s not all her responsibility? I know three men like that: Daniel, Dad & Matthew (my bro).

Daniel. You are the best man I know. I love you. So much. I am reaping the rewards of being married to you. I pray that I can always honor you the way that you deserve.

For those offended by this e-mail….well….Take the hint.


Daniel & Candice said... heart was made to beat for you...

mr. cheezy :)

thanks for the thoughful and encouraging words

Deb said...

One thing that I have learned being married to a wonderful man, too, is that we help each other to become the best that we are.

I've known Daniel since he was just a little tot and what a joy it has been to watch him grow into the man you describe. But don't sell yourself short, he picked the best to be by his side!

God Bless you both!

Nika said...

The love story that you two have is clearly beautiful beyond words.

Continue to love each other just as Christ loves as all.

God Bless!

Kym said...

I love that blog!!! I'm so happy for you and I'm so encouraged that there really is a man like this out there. You are so blessed. I only hope and pray that I will be as blessed in this area as well. I think I will...I've waiting long enough! Love ya girl! I blogged 2 times this should be proud!

Daniel & Candice said...

Yay KYM for blogging :)

Thanks Nika & Deb...

Love you baby!

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