Friday, March 21, 2008


So I (Daniel) was tagged by my here are my 7 random things:

1. I have genetically crooked pinkies...yeah, they look funny, but work just like yours.
2. I'm a connoisseur of jeans...I'm pretty specific about which jeans I'll wear...and one can never have too many pair.
3. I don't like to read...let me watch the movie of the book.
4. 7th and 8th grade were rough years for me physically.....I had a buzz cut, wore gold round glasses, had a metal mouth, and looked anemic. Thankfully, things have changed and my wife constantly tells me I am the best looking man alive (even over Johnny Depp).
5. The summer after my college year I found a clip-on earring and wore it most of the summer while working at a summer camp...fulfilling my desire to wear an earring.
6. When I was fixing up my house in Michigan, the wind swirled while I was installing a new window and it pushed right out the opening, falling on me and then breaking glass all over the ground.
7. When I was in college, I won the March Madness brackets my junior year at the frat and took home $65...haven't won since and this year isn't looking good, either....

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