Thursday, March 20, 2008


No. I’m not in the mafia. But I’ve got a great story.
Last night our homeslice, Ally, invited us over to a ‘friendly’ game of Mafia and Spaghetti at their place (they live 4 houses down from us). We invited Shannon & Jenny to come along with us, for they had not yet experienced the game before.
We played several games…and it was full of sarcasm, accusations and harsh tones (it’s the whole point of the game to accuse people of being in the mafia. If you’ve never played….go here to see the rules )

So the great story. Well in the final round, I was the ‘cop’. It was my responsibility to find out who the mafia was. In the round, I had found out who the mafia was. I wanted to reveal as quickly as possible who the mafia really was. Why, because in the rounds before when others were the cop, they did not help out the townspeople. SO, as we were asked to wake up…I didn’t give the narrator time to say who had been killed that round and blurt out…”I want to be a useful cop, I know who the mafia is…it’s so-in-so.”

All of this happened in slow motion, as it was coming out…my husband was trying to stop me…and I kept going….and pointing at the mafia….Then my husband (the narrator), looked at me and said…’Candice, you were just killed.’

What does that mean? That means, I wasn’t supposed to talk or reveal who the mafia was. That ended the game, because of course, the townspeople, voted her off.

Wow. I mean, I just blurted it out. I should have known better, but after the games prior…I knew that I wanted to be useful. The mafia person was upset that they had been revealed, which made me feel worse than I already felt. Thankfully, the entire crew got the biggest laugh from it…and it will be a memory engrained in our minds forever.

Where am I going with this? Sometimes we can be so convinced that we know what the Lord wants us to do next. We’ve got the next steps figured out. So, instead of waiting to hear His voice, we go ahead and take another step (or blurt out) in the direction that we think will be most useful. I’m so thankful in times like that, that God is like a GPS …he doesn’t give up on us, but he redirects us to get us back on the path we need to be on.


Allyson said...

that really was SO hilarious! i told that story to someone this week too. "so-in-so" now thinks it's pretty funny too, not to worry. There is still grace. :) Did your friends like it? They were naturals. We'll have to do it all again some night.

Daniel & Candice said...

I'm glad you think it's funny...because I felt so bad :) My friends did like it. In fact, they are teaching it to their small groups! :) It's an addictive game for sure!

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