Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been tagged by the lovely, talented and preggo….Ferris Joye….I like these things…but only allow my self a MeMe once in a while.
Here are the rules for both:
•When tagged place the name of the person that tagged you and URL on your blog.
•Write 7 random facts about yourself.
•Name 7 bloggers that you are tagging

1.I love bathroom humor. I know, I know…it’s something a girl should never say…but it’s true. I have an impressive collection of whoopee cushions that would have your momma blushing. Its true. My husband knew this before we were married, and it has proved to be one of our constant sources of laughter in our marriage.

2.I’ve never colored or permed my hair. I just have never had the guts to color it. So…I used the next best thing: weave. Yes, you heard me right…I have gotten weave to add different color chunks to my hair. Crazy? Yes.

3.I’ve lost my southern accent. It kind of makes me sad. I still use ‘southern-isms’ but I just don’t have a southern accent. It possibly has come from that fact I married someone from Michigan with an almost-Canadian accent. It could also stem from the fact I took diction in college when I was a music (voice) major my first couple years of college. Either way….it all comes back like blood rushing to your head when you are turned upside down….when I am with my parents and family.

4.I cheat in board games that I play with my family. There ….I said it…it’s like a weight lifted off of me. Ha. Not really….it’s like a game in and of itself to see if one of my family members can catch the other cheating. (I’m talking my immediate family and on my mother’s side extended). We don't cheat when playing with friends...only when playing with each other.

5.I love to be the one that checks them mail and also be the one that puts the mail in the mailbox. Sometimes I ask Daniel to wait, since he gets home before me, to let me get it. My dad's the same maybe I get it honest. I just love to's the smallest highlight of my day ...haha. I'm a dork.

6. My husband and I are closet rappers. You heard me right. We can rap Tupac & Twista like it ain't nobody's business. If he were still alive, we'd give him a run for his money. Not only are we great rappers...but you should see our moves. HA!

7. I like to have my socks folded together after washing them....and my husband has a thousand separates. Drives me bonkes. I also assort my closet according to color. I'm type A and I won't apologize for it.

So...7 people to tag. Easy. Here we go
1. Daniel
2. Sandy
3. Lori
4. Sara
5. Lisa Lyle
6. Lisa Van Hamme
7. Haley L.


Nika said...

Girl, ain't nothing wrong with a good weave! ;)

Hope that you're having a good week and Happy (Early) Anniversary!

Haley Lamb said...

candice! thanks for the tag-always wanted to do this! loved your 8 things.

Daniel & Candice said... make me smile :) was so cool to learn about you...thanks for playing along!

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