Monday, March 17, 2008

A Special, Special Sunday

My last Sunday at the Providence Campus was this past Sunday. It couldn’t have gone smoother! I was so proud of our communion volunteers that served almost 4000 people so smoothly. Thank you volunteers for committing to do all the services. I will be starting at the Butler campus this Sunday. What an honor. I love that both Daniel and me will have the unique opportunity to get to know such a wide variety of people at Elevation. God has truly ordered our steps.
Speaking of Sunday, we had the wonderful privilege of Cliff Barrows speaking with Pastor Furtick on Sunday. I cried and cried as he prayed over Pastor and Elevation, and as he quoted scripture and as he humbly received kind words. What an amazing man of God….and to top things off, he sang during our communion, ‘Just As I Am.’

You must watch the service. Click here to see it. (It is Week 5 of the My Generation Series...and will most likely be put on later today or early tomorrow morning.)

On a quick thought change….click here to see what few pictures we took from the UNLEASH conference held at NewSpring last week. We were able to take almost 150 volunteers with us! Amazing!

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