Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What day is it again?

Life has been running full speed for both Daniel and I ...and some days...I wake up and have to ask myself, "what day is it again?" I absolutely love what I do at Elevation Church. God has given me some amazing people to work with. Today, I overheard one of the people I work with said to another..."can you believe what we get to be a part of every day? how many people can say they did this kind of thing at work today?"

I agree.

I love the opportunities I have to grow and be challenged to grow...one of those opportunities included me getting to post at Access:Elevation. Go check out that post here.

...in addition to loving work...

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday (my birthday) such a fun an memorable day. Who knew 28 would be so exciting? My husband hooked me up with all kinds of good stuff...along with my family, friends and co-workers. Thank you so much!

....in addition to my birthday....

so many pictures are coming from the Lanning Family with the Beautiful Mess. Keep checking us out to get a sneak peek on those!

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GE is me said...

Happy belated birthday Candice.
Glad you had a wonderful day-(I'm sure you'll post about how Daniel treated you like a Queen!)
God Bless, -Gail

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