Thursday, April 24, 2008


Daniel and I are back in the groove. We've shot a wedding, couple, 2 events at Elevation, a surprise give away and more in the past two weeks. Between our crazy-ness of working our full time jobs, we've been editing pictures in our free time. It is becoming so apparent to me ...more and more...that our love for photography has grown together; with that....our creativity is growing. God is so generous.

Here are a few pictures Daniel took on Sunday...during the service. They rock. To see more of here.....and here




. said...

Hi Danielle,

Really appreciate the kind words (I work at Crisis Assistance Ministry). In fact, I manage our website (, and posted several pics of your visit (Go to this link:

Please share the link with others at Elevation.

Again thanks,

Jeff Cohen

Daniel & Candice said...

Thanks Jeff! I've sent the e-mail!
We appreciate all that you do for the community.

With gratitude,
Candice & Dan

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