Monday, May 26, 2008

Kathy & Forrest...and a family affair...

...while doing a 2nd Engagement shoot with Kristy & John...we did engagement shots with Kristy's sister & fiance', Kathy & Forrest. It was so fun to shoot them. They played up to the camera and were such good sports.

It was an interesting challenge shooting both simultaneously. Daniel and I were both shooting..then we would switch couples. If that's not interesting enough...we then did some of them all together. They turned out great...and we learned so much....check out a few of Kathy & Forrest's pictures see the rest...go here.

We've also posted a few of them together below...but to see the rest of here.

p.s. We got a d300 yesterday with a sweet fisheye lens. We got a FANTASTIC deal. Can't wait to shoot with it.....





Now some of BOTH sisters and their loves together...
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